Belly Armor Media Kit

Belly Armor Media Kit 

We've collected some items you might need while covering Belly Armor, from basics to logos to expert sources. 

• Our Company

Founded in 2009, Belly Armor is the definitive resource for families looking to protect themselves against the harmful effects of everyday radiation, providing knowledge about the health risks from wireless technologies and designing products to help reduce exposure.

On a mission to make everyday environments healthier, particularly for children, Belly Armor strives to increase awareness of this emerging health issue in the 30+ countries where we have presence. We work with the scientific and medical community, our advocates and our distributors globally to educate about the state of the science and encourage a more balanced and safer use of technology in our modern-day lives.  Join our mailing list to stay updated on the issue. 

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• Our Products

Belly Armor products create a barrier between your body and the source of radiation. Our proprietary RadiaShield® Fabric found in our products shields electromagnetic radiation by neutralizing, through reflection and absorption, incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure. 

RadiaShield® Fabric is a conductive silver textile with high shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic radiation emitted by common cellular and wireless devices (non-ionizing radiation in the range of 10MHz to 8GHz). Belly Armor products DO NOT shield against ionizing radiation (like X-rays and gamma rays). Photos of this unique textile are in the media kit. 


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• News Coverage

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• Logo Guidelines

There are two formats of the Belly Armor logo (Horizontal and Vertical) included in the Media Kit.  

Belly Armor Logos



• Media Assets

Our Media Kit includes multimedia elements such as:

  1. Belly Armor logo (Horizontal and Vertical) for both print and web 
  2. Variety of images that encapsulate the Belly Armor vibe for both web and print 
  3. Original infographics illustrating various scientific research

Coming soon is a downloadable graphic with our Tips For Reducing Exposure, but until that is ready feel free to share a link to our Tips page. 




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