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HOT (Red and Orange)
COLD (Blue and Green)

 JJ Rabbit

Bundle and Save! 

Belly Armor is proud to partner with JJ Rabbit, a company that strives to offer safe and environmentally friendly products to families. JJ Rabbit products are free of all the baddies that are found in traditional plastics such as BpA, Phthalate, and PVC. These chemicals are omitted to ensure that they would not leach on to the plastic and get into your little one's body. For a limited time, buy a Belly Armor Nursing Cover & Baby Hat and bundle it with a JJ Rabbit Bib Set of 2 for the discounted price of $59 for all three! 

Choose either the Hot Set - Cow (coral red) and Bunny (Popsicle Orange) or the Cold Set - Duck (Sea Life Blue) and Frog (Lime Green). Make sure the bibs are added to your cart to ensure delivery!

Prices are in US Dollars.

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