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belly armor love

Emerging science about radiation from computers is scary…I use a Belly Armor blanket when using my laptop!

— Jessica Capshaw, Actress

It concerns me that we don’t know what the effects from devices like ipads, computers and cell phones may be in the future so I am happy to know that Harper can safely use these items with Belly Armor’s blanket!

— Tiffani Thiesen, Actress

A great way to protect you and baby is using an anti-radiation blanket by Belly Armor. A good precaution!

— Kimberly Snyder, Nutritionist, NYT Best-Selling Author

I'm no scientist, but this strikes a chord with me, especially as a new mom. I think it's super cool a product like this exists. #consciousliving

— Katya Nova, Professional Photographer and Plant-Based Yogi

Unfortunately, radiation is a daily risk so shielding is a must, especially for expecting moms and children. I love wearing my belly band and now I love protecting my child with the Belly Armor hat and blanket.

— Alba Ramos, Social Media Influencer (Natural Living/Health)

I'm so glad that I have this blanket to rest over my belly. When baby's born, I can wrap him in the blanket or use it for nursing, too! I think it's super important for moms to have something like this nowadays.

— Navigating Parenthood

A lioness. That is how I feel when it comes to protecting #thenugget. I cannot get enough of this Belly Armor tee.

— Sandy Bodeau, TV Fashion Expert & Style Blogger

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