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The Doctors - Belly Armor

The Doctors

The Doctors is an Emmy Award-winning TV show focused on providing viewers with information that is “essential to maintaining good health and well being”. 

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Press Page CBS San Fransisco

CBS San Francisco

CBS San Francisco engaged an electrical engineer and EMF specialist to test EMF-reducing products such as Belly Armor and some phone cases. 

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Legit Reviews - Belly Armor

Legit Reviews

Nathan Kirsch of Legit Reviews discusses radiation concerns and reviews the Men’s Boxer-Briefs in detail.

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Press Page Pregnancy and Newborn Image

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine features Belly Armor’s Belly Blanket Chic as a must-have for mothers.

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Press Page The Wall Street Journal Image

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal discusses the uncertainties around cell phone radiation risks, and highlights Belly Armor products as one of the more reasonable approaches to reducing this radiation exposure.

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Robyn Meacham - Belly Armor

Robyn Meacham

Robyn Meacham asks, “Have you guys ever thought about protecting yourself from the harmful effects of everyday radiation?” while using Belly Blanket in Azure.

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Parenting Magazine : Baby Talk - Belly Armor

Parenting Magazine : Baby Talk

Parenting Magazine’s Babytalk advices on how to shield your bump from radiation. They suggest erring on the side of caution by following simple guidelines to protect yourself (and the new life you're carrying) from cell phone radiation. 

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The Art of Making a Baby - Belly Armor

The Art of Making a Baby

Elena, mommy blogger of The Art of Making a Baby, lists Belly Armor as a pregnancy must-have, and wishes she had her Belly Blanket and Belly Band from Day 1 of her pregnancy.

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PopSugar Moms - Belly Armor

PopSugar Moms

Rebecca Gruber of PopSugar Moms reviews 120 new kid and baby products (including three new Belly Armor products) at the 2014 ABC Kids Expo. View

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Press Page Medical Daily Image

Medical Daily

This article on Medical Daily reviews RadiaShield Boxer-Briefs and sites several studies on how radiation can impact the health of a man’s sperm. 

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The Talk - Belly Armor

The Talk

The ladies of CBS’s The Talk honor expectant host Sara Gilbert with a special baby shower featuring adorable must-have gifts including a SmartNova Baby Monitor.

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Press Page She Knows Image

She Knows

Chaunie Bruise of She Knows shares her thoughts on the effect Wi-Fi is having on our bodies and our babies. 

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