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Peace of Mind with RadiaShield Technology

RadiaShield Fabric 

At the core of Belly Armor is our desire to enable everyone to live more healthily and freely with technology.

We strive to increase awareness about the health risks from EMF radiation and provide simple, effective solutions to reduce exposure.

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Belly Armor’s apparel and accessories products use our proprietary RadiaShield® Fabric, a conductive silver textile with high shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic radiation emitted by common cellular and wireless devices (non-ionizing radiation in the range of 10MHz to 30GHz). Belly Armor products DO NOT shield against ionizing radiation (like X-rays and gamma rays)


  • Belly Armor products create a barrier between your body and the source of radiation, when used correctly by placing the product between you and the source. The RadiaShield® Fabric used in the products shields electromagnetic radiation by neutralizing, through reflection and absorption, incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure. 
  • Utilizing the same shielding approach used in many industrial and military applications, RadiaShield® Fabric is designed to be safe as well as comfortable and practical to use by pregnant women, children, and other adults like. A textile needs to be conductive in order to create the shielding effect, and silver is chosen as the conductor because it is is highly conductive, stable, safe and has anti-bacterial properties (which is why silver is commonly used for medical purposes).
  • Highly effective - In addition to internal testing, RadiaShield® Fabric has been independently tested in FCC-certified and NVLAP-accredited labs & SIMT to have shielding effectiveness of 99.9% for the range of everyday radiation (<10MHz – 30GHz) (See report here.)

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RadiaShield Fabric - Embrace 2.0





  • Safe to use - Belly Armor products are free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and common allergens. (See independent product safety tests by Intertek.) 
  • Soft to the touch - Belly Armor products are designed to feel like your favorite shirt or blanket to cuddle with. Made of premium materials like organic cotton and modal/rayon, they are comfortable and super soft so you can go about your day with ease.

  • Lightweight and breathable - RadiaShield® Fabric weighs less than the cotton in t-shirts. Protection doesn't have to feel weighted.
  • Easy to care for - Belly Armor products are machine washable. You can simply throw them in with your other laundry (wash in cold water) and line dry after wash. RadiaShield® Fabric will not deteriorate in effectiveness over time or through machine washings.

    RadiaShield Fabric





    • Easily portable - Belly Armor products are easy to incorporate into your everyday activities while working at the office or at home or running errands. The lightweight Belly Blanket is easy to carry around in your bag, and the Belly Band and other apparel items enable you to actively go about your day with the peace of mind of protection.

    When to Shield
    • Your exposure to radiation depends on your proximity to the source(s) of radiation, the intensity of that source, and your duration of exposure to that source. For example, your exposure is a lot less when you’re on your laptop for a quick 5-minute email, than when you’re working in front of your laptop for 8 hours a day (duration). Similarly, your exposure is a lot more when you talk with your cell phone for 10 minutes with the cell phone pressed against your ear, than when you talk for the same 10 minutes using a wired headset (proximity).
    • As a rule of thumb, maintain distance from a radiation-emitting device and reduce use of it. If you cannot reduce distance or use, the best times to consider shielding are when you will be using devices for long durations and/or at close proximity to those devices.
    • Most of the time, the devices in front of you are the most important to shield against. This is because one most commonly uses devices from the front for long durations. In addition, for a pregnant woman, the fetus in the uterus is positioned towards the front of the body with only the skin/muscles/uterus lining as the barrier between the outside world and the baby. However, the back of the body has multiple layers of bone structure, skin, muscles, and organs before reaching the baby.

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