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Belly Armor by RadiaShield is the definitive resource for information and tools to protect children in the womb and newborn children against the risks of everyday radiation. Made with RadiaShield® Fabric and the highest quality textiles, Belly Armor products provide baby-soft comfort, convenient safety, and reliable protection. 

Over the past few years there has been growing evidence that exposure to everyday radiation (low-frequency, non-ionizing radiation) may cause significant health risks, especially during pregnancy and early childhood. These risks have increased considerably over the past decade along with the prevalence of cell phones, computers, power lines, and other electronic devices. Health experts and organizations worldwide are advising precautionary measures to lower this exposure. Click here to learn more.

No. Belly Armor products do NOT shield against ionizing / high-frequency radiation (like x-rays), which are very dangerous and require different technology to protect against (such as the heavy aprons used when taking x-rays). Belly Armor products shield against non-ionizing radiation (10MHz~8GHz), which are emitted by everyday electronic devices and other ambient sources, such as cell phone towers, but they cannot completely shield against all low-frequency radiation exposure in your environments. If you believe you and/or your baby may have a health issue, see your doctor or health professional immediately.

No. RadiaShield® Fabric, the technology behind Belly Armor products, is ultra-light and similar in weight to a light tee-shirt cotton. Various Belly Armor products are available to complement your individual style and activities, but the RadiaShield® Fabric maintains exceptional breathability and does not add materially to the weight.

Yes. Belly Armor products are very safe to use. They do not contain heavy metals, toxic dyes or common allergens. However, as with all blankets, if you are using the Belly Blanket with babies, never leave babies unattended due to risk of suffocation. You can view independent product safety tests on RadiaShield® Fabric here.

Possibly. The RadiaShield® Fabric in Belly Armor products is made of silver fibers, so it CAN trigger highly calibrated metal detectors. Most metal detectors the TSA and other security administrators use is not calibrated to be sensitive enough to be triggered by the thin RadiaShield® Fabric, but it is a possibility. We recommend simply informing the security officer that your apparel is metallic, which is easily verified with a security wand.

Belly Armor products are made with socially and environmentally responsible processes. We manufacture Belly Armor products in our own dedicated facilities, all of which adhere to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices), our packaging is made with recycled paper, and we balance our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets through TerraPass. Core to Belly Armor’s mission and vision is promoting awareness on pre-natal health issues.


Belly Armor products are made with RadiaShield® Fabric and the highest quality textiles. The “active ingredient” in Belly Armor products, RadiaShield® Fabric, is a highly conductive silver textile with similar shielding properties as a 1/4-inch thick sheet of aluminum. Click here to learn more.

RadiaShield® Fabric shields against everyday radiation by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure. RadiaShield® Fabric is composed primarily of silver fibers. Silver fibers, a conductive and safe textile material, creates a highly conductive fabric that is able to shield radiation in a similar way as a sheet of metal would. This is the same approach utilized in industrial and military applications, but designed to be safe, comfortable, and convenient enough for pregnant women. Click here to learn more.

The RadiaShield® Fabric used in Belly Armor products have undergone rigorous internal and external testing to ensure maximum shielding effectiveness. Independent testing in FCC-certified and NVLAP-accredited labs have verified shielding effectiveness of 99.9% across the range of everyday radiation (10MHz~30GHz with ~55dB) – view report.

No. RadiaShield® Fabric does not lose its effectiveness over time. RadiaShield® Fabric is engineered to be extremely durable, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure effectiveness over time and through heavy usage. While RadiaShield® Fabric will wear down over time, the same as any textile, it will not lose its effectiveness.

No. RadiaShield® Fabric does not lose its shielding effectiveness after machine-washing. RadiaShield® Fabric has been tested to maintain shielding efficacy well beyond industry-standards for machine-washing durability testing.

There are many types of radiation exposure during air travel – radiation from airplane equipment (from the devices and wi-fi used by the passengers onboard), and from cosmic radiation (the result of having less atmosphere between the radiation of space and yourself). Belly Armor products shield with high efficacy the radiation from airplane equipment, wi-fi, the devices of other passengers onboard, and the microwave portion of cosmic radiation. Belly Armor does not shield against the x-rays and gamma rays from cosmic radiation.


Belly Armor is designed to be as convenient as possible for expecting mothers to use in their everyday lives. Please refer to the Products page for details on specific products.

The health risks from electromagnetic radiation are driven by the amount of exposure and the intensity of exposure. Any reduction of either the amount or intensity of exposure to everyday radiation will reduce your health risk. It is impossible to completely eliminate radiation exposure, but by using Belly Armor products during period of higher risk activities (while on mobile phones or using a laptop on your lap), you can significantly reduce you and your baby’s risk.

Belly Armor products are easy to care for – we recommend machine-washing in cold water with gentle cycle and similar colors and air-drying. Do not use dryer and not bleach.


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Yes. You can see our International Distributors and Retailers here. If there is a particular product you are interested in, we recommend calling beforehand since not all retailers have the entire product line in-stock. Please see our International Retailers page for retail locations in your country. We also ship internationally to most countries – they are listed in the drop-down menu when you input your shipping destination while ordering online. You can email with any inquiries.

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer gift-wrapping or messaging services. However, you can place orders to be shipped to your gift recipient but please note the shipment will still include an invoice.

Belly Armor is fully committed to your health, safety, and convenience. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your Belly Armor product, we are happy to provide a full product refund if returned within 30 days of purchase. However, if you wash and/or dry a product, we cannot refund. Belly Armor does not cover the cost to ship item(s) back to us, however, we will cover the cost of shipping on the exchanged item(s). For returns, please e-mail with your order number and the reason for your return.


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