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  • Tips to Reduce Exposure

    Tips to reduce exposure

    helpful habits. 

Life Hacks 101 - Simple ways to reduce EMF exposure every day

4 Simple ideas you can apply anywhere, anytime:

1.  DISTANCE - More distance is better -- EMF intensity reduces exponentially the farther you move away from the source. So keeping devices at bay is better than keeping it on your body.

2.  REDUCE TIME - Reduce during times of highest/longest exposure (while working on laptop for long durations) or more vulnerable periods (pregnancy, early childhood, compromised health).

3.  LIFESTYLE HABITS - Build healthy habits into everyday life, and start kids early! Kids are more vulnerable, still developing and will have more years of EMF exposure, so start them early on good habits!

4.  FIND BALANCE - Weigh the pros and cons -- technology is a big part of all of our lives. Some are nice-to-haves (a cool wearable device so you can see digital pics on your wrist) vs. a real must-have (like devices for monitoring important health indicators). Strike a healthy balance so you use what’s needed and give your body (and mind) a break whenever you can.