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Tips for different environments

Work from home environment with laptop

  1. Keep phones out of pockets and bras. Instead, use bags or phone straps. Men can also protect their reproductive organs by wearing Men's Boxer Briefs with anti-radiation RadiaShield® Fabric. 
  2. Use wired headphones, keeping the phone away from your head. (Most cell phone manuals advise keeping phones >½ inch away from body)
  3. Turn off devices and power strips fully (not on standby) when not in use, and turn off Bluetooth/Wifi function on devices if not needed. This stops them from transmitting and emitting radiation.
  4. Avoid wearable tech if possible, or at least remove it from your body when not needed so your body can take a break.
  5. Set your smartphone to fetch emails manually (Manual Fetch) so your phone is not frequently downloading and emitting/receiving radiation.
  6. Use your cell phone when the reception has many bars. When it is weak (1-2 bars), it works harder and emits more radiation to connect.
  7. Use protective clothing and accessories, especially during times of prolonged exposure or during pregnancy. Shop our collections for apparel, accessories and blankets.