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Tips for OFFICE + OUT-and-ABOUT


  1. Keep router distant - Keep wi-fi routers further away from where you sit for long periods of time.
  2. Laptops don't belong on laps - Place laptops on a surface instead of on your lap, when you work for long periods. Consider using a Belly Blanket, which provides a convenient, protective barrier between you and your laptop. 
  3. Keep cell phones away from your body - Keep phones out of pockets and bras. Use bags or cell phone straps, or place them on surfaces once you sit down.
  4. Cell phone and vehicles - Avoid using cell phones in moving vehicles -- reflection, and phone continuously disconnects and connects to different cell phone towers as your vehicle moves. This also teaches children safe cell phone habits while in a car (e.g., no texting and driving).

Working, urban mother wearing anti-radiation maternity clothing and cellphone with earbuds